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Knee Surgeries

Throughout my collegiate sports career I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Norris on three separate occasions, each being major knee surgeries, the first one being my first major injury. My family and I weren't confident which doctor to go to get the right opinion and treatment. Out of the large pool of different orthopedic specialists I saw, Dr. Norris was and is the best in the business, hands down. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to play football at a high-level year after year and still maintain the active lifestyle I do today. Thanks for everything Doc!

Michael R.

Shoulder Replacement

I was referred to Dr. Norris after neck surgery restored movement to my left arm. I continued to have shoulder problems with both arms. Dr. Norris gave great respect to my medical history and said even though my left shoulder needed to be replaced, we would use steroid shots as long as we could. This spring, steroids no longer worked. Dr. Norris and his staff were very thorough in pre-op preparations. Physical therapy was smooth. Two months post-op, Dr. Norris said my range of motion was what he expected at 6 months. I was released with no more PT! Arm works better than it has in 30+ years. Dr. Norris is a miracle worker. Never too anxious to operate, always keeping the patient his number one priority. Wish there were more doctors with his ethics and compassion.

Kevin B.

Hip Scope for Femoracetabular Impingement

Before meeting Dr. Norris, I had seen numerous doctors and multiple physical therapists to try to determine why I was experiencing chronic leg pain. The pain was interfering with every aspect of my life, making every day activities extremely difficult. After years of seeing doctors who could not find what was causing the problem, or just didn’t seem to care, I was starting to worry I would never get relief. When I finally met Dr. Norris, he was the first doctor that really seemed to listen to me and he immediately knew what the problem was. After undergoing hip surgery I truly feel like a brand new person. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Norris and the staff at McLean County Orthopedics. They are very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. My only regret is that I didn’t go to them in the first place.

Erin S.

MPFL Reconstructive Surgery

I had problems with my knee cap popping in and out of place since 6th grade. After 3 years of dealing with my kneecap subluxing, Dr. Norris decided that surgery was the best way to fix my problem. Dr. Norris recommended MPFL Reconstructive Surgery on my left knee. I was reluctant at first to do the surgery due to the fact that I had softball year round, but Dr. Norris assured me that if I followed instructions and worked hard at my therapy, I could be back in time for my first tournament. My surgery was scheduled for Friday, September 13 (yikes!). I recovered four months later from my surgery and played my first game the following January. I could not explain to anyone the amount of joy that I experienced being able to play again with little to no pain. I continued on to high school softball in the spring and a summer full of travel softball without an issue. Without Dr. Norris’s help, as well as my therapists, I could not have been able to play softball with no worries of pain. He was a great doctor and always made me feel comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. My family and I have recommended him to numerous people!

Ally W.

Cartilage Defect

I am 17 years old and went to see Dr. Joe Norris due to pain in my knee. I was not able to walk very well and had a lot of pain. He did a MRI of my knee and I then went on crutches for one month. After that month my pain had not changed. Our next step was to do a scope and see what was going on and during that surgery he had to open up my knee. He found a piece of bone/cartilage and reattached it to the place it came out of. I liked working with Dr. Norris and his staff. They were always very understanding and had a lot of compassion for their patients. They were easy to understand and he cared about me playing golf in the fall for my senior year of high school. I would recommend Dr. Norris to any high school player having issues or anyone of any age having issues. He cares a lot about his patients and wants to make sure they are completely healed after surgery.

Katie C.

Shoulder Replacement at age 72

I was experiencing continual pain in a shoulder caused by a degenerative shoulder joint from arthritis. After a year or more of treatment directed by both Dr. Hanson and Dr. Norris, I opted for a complete shoulder replacement at age 72. Dr. Norris performed my surgery March 11, 2014. At my six week recheck, I was released from Dr. Norris and from therapy. Being a goer and doer, I am able to do all I need to do to maintain my home and farmstead. I received thorough information before and after surgery. I've been blessed with a healing body and a good surgeon. I expect to have the second shoulder joint replaced and will so with no reservation.

Jane Ann T.

Hip Scope for Femoracetabular Impingement

Dr. Norris performed a hip scope on me in May 2014. Before that I was in a lot of pain and couldn't sit for long periods or sleep and my hip would hurt all day long. Many doctors looked at my leg and hip and did treatment but nothing worked. Dr. Norris saw me and right away pinpointed the problem and worked with me on setting up a date to fix my hip. I am now pain free and never have felt better. I have no regrets on doing this and would recommend this to anyone.

Andrew S.
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