Joseph Norris, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon Sports Medicine

Cartilage Defect

I am 17 years old and went to see Dr. Joe Norris due to pain in my knee. I was not able to walk very well and had a lot of pain. He did a MRI of my knee and I then went on crutches for one month. After that month my pain had not changed. Our next step was to do a scope and see what was going on and during that surgery he had to open up my knee. He found a piece of bone/cartilage and reattached it to the place it came out of. I liked working with Dr. Norris and his staff. They were always very understanding and had a lot of compassion for their patients. They were easy to understand and he cared about me playing golf in the fall for my senior year of high school. I would recommend Dr. Norris to any high school player having issues or anyone of any age having issues. He cares a lot about his patients and wants to make sure they are completely healed after surgery.

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