Joseph Norris, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon Sports Medicine

Shoulder Replacement

I was referred to Dr. Norris after neck surgery restored movement to my left arm. I continued to have shoulder problems with both arms. Dr. Norris gave great respect to my medical history and said even though my left shoulder needed to be replaced, we would use steroid shots as long as we could. This spring, steroids no longer worked. Dr. Norris and his staff were very thorough in pre-op preparations. Physical therapy was smooth. Two months post-op, Dr. Norris said my range of motion was what he expected at 6 months. I was released with no more PT! Arm works better than it has in 30+ years. Dr. Norris is a miracle worker. Never too anxious to operate, always keeping the patient his number one priority. Wish there were more doctors with his ethics and compassion.

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