Joseph Norris, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon Sports Medicine

MPFL Reconstructive Surgery

I had problems with my knee cap popping in and out of place since 6th grade. After 3 years of dealing with my kneecap subluxing, Dr. Norris decided that surgery was the best way to fix my problem. Dr. Norris recommended MPFL Reconstructive Surgery on my left knee. I was reluctant at first to do the surgery due to the fact that I had softball year round, but Dr. Norris assured me that if I followed instructions and worked hard at my therapy, I could be back in time for my first tournament. My surgery was scheduled for Friday, September 13 (yikes!). I recovered four months later from my surgery and played my first game the following January. I could not explain to anyone the amount of joy that I experienced being able to play again with little to no pain. I continued on to high school softball in the spring and a summer full of travel softball without an issue. Without Dr. Norris’s help, as well as my therapists, I could not have been able to play softball with no worries of pain. He was a great doctor and always made me feel comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. My family and I have recommended him to numerous people!

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