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Clockwork Precision In Athletics Part 7 — Metabolic Monitoring

Dr. Joseph Norris, founder of Method Sports Performance in Bloomington and a surgeon at McLean County Orthopedics, believes in order to make that metabolic fingerprint work best for the individual athlete — whether pro or amateur, young or old — metabolic monitoring plays an important role.

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Clockwork Precision in Athletics Bringing Method to Madness Part 5

William Shakespeare is credited with coining many of our modern idiomatic phrases. An extremely common one stems from the tragedy, Hamlet. Perceiving Hamlet must be secretly planning something despite his acts of insanity, the Lord Chamberlain Polonius remarks, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.

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Clockwork Precision in Athletics Unlocking Doors to Wellness Part 4

Dr. Joseph Norris, a McLean County Orthopedics surgeon and founder of Method Sports Performance, believes each individual’s metabolic fingerprint can be that key to unlocking the various health and injury-related problems of the human body. The metabolic fingerprint, boiled down to its simplest terms, is a correlation of an individual’s heart rate range and their lactate range, resulting in an optimal heart rate an individual needs to maintain in order to burn the proper fuels.

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Clockwork Precision in Athletics Fuel-Burning Fingerprint Part 3

Dr. Joseph Norris of McLean County Orthopedics has been developing a way to determine each person’s metabolic fingerprint. As the doctor mentioned in last month’s article, while one exercises, the cells of the body process different fuels. “As you’re processing those fuels, you have different efficiencies with how the muscle is working,” he says. “We have the ability to detect when you’re maximally efficient with a test. That is done through a process of collecting lactate at different levels of exertion.”

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Clockwork Precision in Athletics Shifting to the Right Gear Part 2

Dr. Norris elucidates on the fuels cells burn in order to produce energy. In conjunction with the oxygen in the cells, he adds, “You’re also using stored ATP (adenosine triphosphates) and fat. Then you go to an anaerobic metabolism, where you don’t have oxygen anymore in the cell and you start to consume faster fuel stores, which ferments from trying to create the same fuel without oxygen.”

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Clockwork Precision in Athletics Part 1

Dr. Joseph Norris, an orthopedic surgeon at McLean County Orthopedics, understands that very common, exercise-accompanying feeling of disappointment all too well. He has also come to understand the missing key to turning things around. “People want direction,” he states. “They want it scientifically driven with evidence and don’t want to go to the gym and wander around and never see gains because [they] don’t have direction.”

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Meet Dr Joseph Norris, Orthopedic Surgeon

Partnership breaks ground for $35M wellness center

Ground was broken Monday afternoon for what partners believe will be the future of health care.

About 150 people gathered as representatives of Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, McLean County Orthopedics, Method Sports Performance, Sequoia Wellness and Signet Enterprises spoke and performed a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Center for Integrated Wellness.

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Reconfigured and Reconstructed: Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

The English language is fairly unique when compared to many of its European cousins in that the word order in a sentence does not always matter. Often, an opening phrase or two can be repositioned toward the end of a sentence and it will still all work as a whole. Despite these supposedly lackadaisical grammatical restrictions, however, a speaker still needs to know how and when such alterations can be made.

Surprisingly, the shoulder joint has something in common with sentence construction. With a regular total shoulder replacement, “all of the muscle and tendons and regular structures are intact, they’re just arthritic,” says Dr. Joseph Norris, a surgeon at McLean County Orthopedics. “Therefore you replace the ball and socket – a new metal ball where there was bone and a new plastic socket where there was a socket; all the other parts stay there and they still function the same way. You just don’t have a rough surface rubbing on a rough surface.”

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Evolutions in the Arthroscopic Revolution

Relieving Atlas’ Burden The Ever-Shrinking World of Shoulder Arthroscopy

Field of Dreams

Keeping the Joints Oiled

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