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Get Fast Relief from Chronic Knee & Shoulder Pain

Expert Care from A Leading Orthopedic Specialist

Top Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement Specialist

Welcome to the Office of
Dr. Joseph Norris

Whether you’re a young athlete on the top of your game, an older adult, or anyone in between, orthopedic conditions can become debilitating. If you’re living in pain, don’t wait another moment. Schedule your first consultation with Dr. Joseph Norris, leading shoulder replacement consultant for Depuy and Johnson & Johnson.

With years of high-caliber experience in orthopedic shoulder surgery, knee surgery and more, Dr. Joseph Norris understands what long-term, effective relief from chronic pain and loss of mobility means to you. Dr. Norris is also a highly-qualified sports medicine doctor, fellowship trained in sports medicine and formerly an NFL associate team physician for the Baltimore Ravens. Using minimally-invasive techniques, he’ll do what it takes to provide you with a solution to your pain that lasts, and allows you to return to full functionality.

Meet Dr. Norris


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We’ve Got You Covered 

We Proudly Accept Insurance

Cost should never be an obstacle to patients receiving the care they need to live a quality life. That’s why Dr. Joseph Norris is proud to take multiple insurance options in the Gibson City, IL area. If you don’t see your provider listed, please feel free to reach out to our office to discuss your options.

  1. Gibson Area Hospital Orthopedics
  2. Advanced Urology
  3. Southeast Orthopedics
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  • Dr. Norris is exceptional! He was so patient with my injury and now I can bend my leg with ease!

    Posted On February 18, 2021

Find Relief With Dr. Joseph Norris, Your Trusted Orthopedic Specialist

Reach out to Dr. Norris today and take your first step toward living pain-free.

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