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Rate of injuries among youth soccer players doubled, new study finds
Source: Science Daily

From 1990 through 2014, the number of soccer-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments in the US each year increased by 78 percent and the yearly rate of injuries increased by 111 percent among youth 7-17 years of age, a new article reports.

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Study finds predictors for ACL injury are dissimilar between male and female athletes
Source: Healio

Except for increased anterior-posterior knee laxity, results from this study indicated female athletes and male athletes were not similar with regard to predictors for first-time noncontact ACL injury.

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Technique pearls for revision shoulder arthroplasty aid in preventing fracture, preserving bone stock
Source: Healio

We present simple techniques for revision shoulder arthroplasty using a telescoping osteotome technique for glenoid removal, an open-book (vertical) osteotomy technique for extraction of the humeral stem and the use of an ultrasonic device and carbide burr for clearing bone and cement mantles.

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